The Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists are taking a stand against a symbol which has stood on Sackrider Hill in the Waterloo Recreation Area in Jackson for nearly 70 years.  Located a mile north of I-94 on Mount Hope Road, this site is home to a white cross, which hosts an annual Easter Sunday sunrise church service and is part of the community and a tradition according to Rev. Melvin Parker.

The MACRA however doesn't believe it should be located on state property, enough so that they wrote a letter to the state Department of Natural Resources asking them to "take immediate action to remove the offending cross." Mitch Kahle, the co-founder of MACRA told MLive he believse the state will remove the cross:

What authority did the state think it had to allow a permanent religious symbol on public land? We expect the state will remove it. Courts are not favorable to crosses on public property. We have no objection to groups legally filing to assemble on government property, it's the installed icon and the fact the state granted a permit allowing it that we object to.

Do you think it should be removed?


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