In spite of what you might believe, sometimes dreams do come true.

A friend shared this ad on Facebook, and I think it's safe to say it was a case of love at first sight. I could throw another cliche at you, like "where have these been all my life", but you get the idea.

The Better Made website copy reads "You have to try our new and improved, mouth-watering Better Made Chocolate Covered Original Wavy Potato Chips in a decorative tin! They are so delicious, you can't have just one. Available in Milk Chocolate." There's is an ominous warning - "while supplies last".

And checking the Facebook comments, its seems that these chips do go fast. Most of the comments are from people who have them before, and one cynic pointed out "Get the video camera's ready! People are gonna be fightin' over these in the potato chip aisle lol ......." Wait, there are no aisles online. Whew.

And, I checked the store locator on the site, and there's four places in Kalamazoo, including Bell's Brewery downtown, that apparently sell the company's chips, thought it doesn't say specifically which products each place sells.

Not being a native east-sider, I didn't know about these folks, but they've been expanding waist lines for 90 years. In fact,there's also a "improved" dark chocolate version of these potato chips. Anyway, here's the link to buy some. They're a bit pricey, but if you were to give it as a gift, you'd be giving something pretty unique.

A couple of notes from the company's bio. At one point, there were some twenty potato chip companies in Detroit, and these folks are the only ones still around.

Another interesting story is their Rainbow chips. It's not what you think. They're slightly burnt chips due to a higher sugar content in potatoes, back in the day. But farmers have worked hard to eliminate the sugar content in potatoes, so they're harder to make.

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