After Jermaine Whitehead lost his mind on twitter, he lost his job with the Cleveland Browns.

After Sunday's Browns game Whitehead responded to Cleveland fans with rage.  He allegedly threatened violence as well as used racial slurs in his twitter responses.  About 15 minutes after his twitter meltdown his account was suspended.  But hey, it twitter.  It's not like those tweets vanished like his NFL career.  You can see screenshots in the tweet from Siraj Hashmi below.

Here's a 26-year-old that's living the dream playing in the NFL, who's made $1.22 Million over 4 seasons.  How on earth can you be so mad?

The Cleveland Browns released a statement shortly after the twitter rant:

Followed by a this tweet on Monday:

Jermaine Whitehead has had a rough time finding a football home.  He was drafted as a 49ers in 2015 only to be released a couple months later.  He was then signed by the Ravens who released him a couple months later.  He then played for the Packers for the 2016, 2017 and part of the 2018 seasons.  He was released by the Packers in November of 2018 and picked up by the Cleveland Browns.  Now, here we are a year later.  He's released again.

At risk of getting threatened on twitter, I have to wonder if Whitehead just tweeted his way out of the NFL for good.

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