I realize as I type, all this might be a completely moot point by tomorrow. But it will snow again, so the point stands. The City of Kalamazoo wants you to just do it.

Shovel your sidewalks. Just like seatbelts, it's the law. And they'll will hunt you down. Neighbors will rat you out. Okay, maybe not the "hunt you down" part. But go find your shovel (or start up your snow blower for a neighbor). The fine is $100.

A lot of Kalamazoo residents walk to get places. Children walk to school. People walk to work, to shop and to catch buses. But in the winter, property owners don't always shovel. But again, it's the law.

City ordinance requires the owners or occupants of properties within the city limits to remove snow and ice from any adjacent public sidewalks, walkways and alleys. This enables people of all ages and physical condition to have access to clean walkways during the winter months. Although required by ordinance, clearing snow and ice should simply be looked upon as a courtesy to neighbors and all residents that rely on this infrastructure for their mobility. - City of Kalamazoo

Seriously, if you're able, help a brother or sister out, and shovel.



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