In Adrian, someone had the wild idea to find out if they could set a world record for the most cut and lighted Christmas trees in one location. There is a record, and they are planning to break it this December with the help of the community. As of now the record for most cut and lighted Christmas trees in one location, stands at 559, which was set by the Hallmark Channel in Manhattan’s Herald’s Square. Jim Berryman, the man with the plan, is hoping to beat the record by illuminating 610 trees.

The Comstock Christmas Riverwalk is an annual event which will still be taking place this year, which Berryman fully considered while planning this feat. Every year, Christmas trees line the Riverwalk. He told Lenconnect he fully planned around the event: "I didn’t want to lose the concept of Comstock Christmas Riverwal. Those tress are all going to be by the sidewalks ... and we’re going to fill in the remainder of the park with three to five foot trees with lights on them." If all goes according to plan, the trees will be lit on Dec. 6 in Adrian.


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