There anything better then a classy place to have a nice cocktail with friends. 

Well searching for a fun joint to take my Mom out for a drink over the holiday weekend, and I stumbled on this hidden gem in Detroit! The bar is called the 'Candy Bar' and is located in the renovated Wurlitzer Building on 1509 Broadway Street. The cocktail detestation is located in the lobby of the Siren hotel.

The Detroit Free Press described the bar as...

The intimate setting includes a large chandelier over a small, horseshoe-style bar, in a room lined with wide, cushioned seats and low cocktail tables. Light reflected off a mirror ball scatters across the scene, much of which is accented with shades of pink and red.

An even better review came from Architectural Digest as they described the 'Candy Bar' as..

The most beautifully designed bar in Michigan.

If the idea of an old fashioned speakeasy atmosphere doesn't peak your interest, then maybe their drink menu will. One of the goodies they are becoming known for is the 'Bubble Rum'. Wondering what is in it? ...

  • Extra dry rum
  • Bubble gum syrup
  • Lemon Sherbet
  • Suzo
  • Hopped Grapefruit Biters

It is served ice and is quickly becoming a favorite of guests.


Bailey K. from Bay City MI posted her thoughts about the bar on

The Candy Bar is incredibly intimate and makes you feel as if you're in a Wes Anderson film. Hidden behind a large velvet curtain off the lobby of The Siren Hotel, you're greeted by a host who treats you as if you're important guests.

Nicole L. from Downriver, Detroit MI. wrote about her experience on

Loved it!!  My new favorite cocktail bar downtown!!  Such a fun vibe, the decor in the bar as well as the rest of the hotel is awesome. From the chandelier to the disco ball, it was perfect.

Christine R. from Novi MI. reported on

New bar inside Siren Hotel.  Small, intimate bar. Art Deco, 1940s decor. So far, so good : great service & excellent cocktails. Beautiful chandelier & pink theme.

I am going to grab my lip-smacker chap stick and check this joint out, its sounds fantastic!

Check out the Siren Hotel and What It Has To Offer.

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