Most of us are in the habit of Googling whatever pops into our head, no matter how ridiculous or embarrassing it is...

Well, somebody is tracking that!

A real estate website called Estately analyzed searches from each state to find what embarrassing thing people there are Googling more than people anywhere else. Estately dug through 11 years of Google search data to see which terms users in each state Googled more than any other. Estately chose each of the search terms because they deemed them particularly embarrassing or shameful.

In Michigan, Estately highlighted the following searches: "Bigfoot evidence," "pyramid scheme," "Little Caesars (pizza chain)," "Lou Bega—'Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of).'”

According to Estately, here's the analysis for Michigan's top Google search phrases: "If you can lure Bigfoot out of the woods with pizza and catchy songs you can probably convince him to invest in your pyramid scheme."

Here are some of the other states' funniest popular Google searches:

1.  Washington:  "sandals and socks."

2.  Michigan:  "Pyramid Scheme"

3.  North Dakota:  "Limp Bizkit."

4.  Kentucky: "Scabies"

5.  Ohio: "Bath Salts"

6.  Wisconsin:  a Google image search for pictures of outhouses.

7.  Maryland:  "Am I a virgin?"

8.  Indiana:  "Arby's".  And also, "How big is average?"

9.  Florida: "Eyebrow Piercing"

10.  Maine:  "Nickelback lyrics."

11.  Tennessee:  "Is Bigfoot real?"

12.  Mississippi:  "Penis enlargement."


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