Turn it up! It's WKFR!

Growing up my Father introduced me to radio and it was love at first sound. I was shocked that out of this little box I could hear stories being told, songs sung and news reported; I was addicted. All I have every wanted to do was play on the radio, I am lucky because my dreams came true. Hence why I feel the need to celebrate this "National Holiday".

With the day to honor radio quickly aproaching, I did some research.  I found the web-site michiguide.com and they had a tale to tell about the radio we all know and love on the West side of our great state...

It was not until April 28th in 1923 that a Southwest Michigan radio station received their license to broadcast, believe it or not, the station was not out of Kalamazoo but  Berrien Springs. The station would eventually evolve into a Kalamazoo radio station.

It was not until 1964 that WELL-AM-FM became WKFR-AM-FM; and the AM station became Top 40 rocker!

Then I started to wonder how we became WKFR (you know, the call letter and what do they mean), the Michigan guide to radio explained that too..WKFR Battle Creek: used letters from one of the cities the station would be licensed in.

WKFR  = Kalamazoo FRadio. So cool that the cal letters represent our area!

So with this special day approaching  National Radio Day suggests how we can celebrate the day...

To celebrate National Radio Day, listen to your favorite radio station and give special recognition to your local radio personalities.


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