If you wanted to get a thrill on 'Valravn', you might in for some disappointment.

When you walk through Cedar Point and make it over to the tallest and fastest dive roller coaster in the U.S. you fins a sign that reads...

This ride will not operate today. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Valravn ride that opened in 20216, experienced a crash just 2 weeks ago. Mlive received word from Cedar Point spokesperson Tony Clark that..

Yesterday afternoon, a train on the Valravn roller coaster bumped a parked train in the loading station.

Which does not sound so bad considering that all the riders where uninjured. Yet, look at the Twitter posts that 2CBSPittsburgh discovered...

Zack Binger posted - So I tried to go on the valravn when I felt a huge vibration and crash people were screaming, and people running out of line. Then I figured out the two trains collided. I'm going to the park tomorrow hope everyone okay.

Robbie DiPaola said - Scary moment at @ Cedar Point. While waiting for Valravn the ride broke down. My sister & I decided to wait, and about 20 minutes later the ride resumed. However, after just one train the breaks failed and one train slammed into another in the station.

It was been 2 weeks since the accident, and no word on when the ride will reopen.

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