On Monday Cedar Point lost power and rides were stuck for hours.

Cedar point is not experiencing the best summer.

First, the new prized ride, 'Steel Vengeance' had an accident on opening day and now the park lost power on Memorial Day. Some riders where trapped on the rides for up to two hours in 90 degree heat.

A spokesperson for the park told the Toledoblade.com...

The power went out after the driver of a car hit a power pole. The outage, which occurred at about 1:45 p.m. and was restored two hours later, reportedly affected about one-third of the park's rides.

Cedar Point spokesperson Tony Clark said that all of the rides that were affected safely came to a stop and all guests are being escorted off. I just can't imagine climbing down this monstrous rides, I suspect that would be more thrilling then the rides itself.

The nice news for the park goers on Monday is that anyone affected by the power outage can return to Cedar Point anytime from now through Labor Day for free with proof of their ticket purchase from the Monday power outage.

Rides That Lost Power On Monday

  • Millennium Force
  • Rougarou
  • Sky Ride  WindSeeker
  •  Steel Vengeance
  • Raptor
  • GateKeeper.

Here's hoping the summer gets better for park and all those who love roller coasters!


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