Nothing screams summer vacation quite like a trip to Cedar Point. Located along the shores of Lake Erie "The Amazement Park" is home to 17 world-class roller coasters and an 18 acre water park.

Only a short three and a half hour drive away in Sandusky, Ohio, Cedar Point is just far away enough that you plan on spending the entire day, or even weekend there, to ensure the fun is worth all the travel-- this isn't Michigan's Adventure!

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Just like most Michiganders I personally have visited Cedar Point for many church youth groups outings, family road trips, and fun-filled days with high school friends. Cedar Point is a part of our childhoods, which is why it was so exciting when on Thursday park representatives announced a nostalgic new attraction coming next season.

the Cedar Point Beach has been the anchor of both the park’s history and traditional summer vacations for so many families. In 2023, this history is celebrated in a whole new way with the introduction of The Boardwalk.

This new area of the park aims to combine the nostalgic boardwalk era of yesteryear with the modern-day park experience Cedar Point patrons have come to expect.

The centerpiece of this new attraction is the historic Grand Pavilion, a two-story dining space that will feature food unlike anything else you'll find in the park and a bar, including outdoor balcony space.

Cedar Point via YouTube
Cedar Point via YouTube

You'll find old favorites like The Matterhorn on The Boardwalk but there will also be some classics--with a twist. Rides like The Scrambler and Tiki Twist will now be rebranded as "The Atomic Scrambler" and "Calypso", another nod to the Cedar Point of yesteryear.

The park will also add its 18th coaster Wild Mouse, another original Cedar Point ride that will see new life on The Boardwalk. However, unlike the previous Wild Mouse this one will feature 360 degree spins, 52 foot climb, and 1,312 feet of orange track. Because each individual 4-passenger car spins, no two rides will ever be the same experience!

Construction of the new Boardwalk is scheduled to be completed in time for Cedar Point's 2023 season opening in May. More images here.

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