This is just one more incentive for me to hop in my car and pay a visit to the Windy City.

As seen on Tiktok, there's a video that seems to show a cat casually taking the morning train. The video, shared by the account @fungalfat, is captioned with a simple phrase. Only in Chicago...

The video's description raises a good question. How did he get there?

The answer is, we don't know. However, in the comments of that video, there was some speculation that he could be a missing cat from a nearby neighborhood. Although, it looks like he's just having the adventure of a lifetime.

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While we speculate his origin story, the original poster revealed that she has even more videos of this cat on the train. Although, they look like they were all taken on the same day:

With no collar on, we can only hope that this little kitty found his way home after his big day out.

Of course, people in the comments were just as tickled as I was:

The way he walked out like he has somewhere to go - Nat

WHEN 😭 when will I have my CTA cat moment 😭😭😭 - Uhleeseeuh

He’s comMEWting - lo 

That video did gain over 3 million views. So, if this cat is lost, his owners were hopefully able to track him down.

In the meantime, the next time you visit Chicago, make sure you keep a sharp eye out for any four-legged commuters that might be sharing your train.

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