It seems like once the warm weather hits the outdoor activities are non stop. Now that Carnival season has started in Michigan there's no telling when it will end. I don't know if it's just me but it seems as though whenever one carnival is departing, another carnival is arriving. Not too long ago I was just writing about the Carnival at the Lakeview Square Mall in Battle Creek and now it's Kalamazoo's turn for the fun.

Skerbeck Entertainment Group will be hosting the event and bringing all the carnival festivities to our west side neighborhood. On the Corner of West Main and Drake there is always tons of traffic, well expect even more with this carnival coming to town and taking place in one of the parking lots near that intersection. Memorial Day weekend will be busy but there will be tons of fun to be had!

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Ride The Rides

There are multiple different levels of rides available for this carnival from kiddie rides to major rides and spectacular rides. They have classics like merry go rounds, carousels, tea cups, etc. for the kids rides. While the major and spectacular rides are what most of you are wondering about. With names like Alien Abduction, Swinger, and Cliff Hanger you can tell that the excitement and height requirements are rising. Then there is the Spectacular rides that are expected to have long waiting lines. With rides such as Supernova360, Top Gun, Twin Flip, Zipper, and Sea Ray you can depend on these rides to be deliver extreme levels of adrenaline and serotonin.

Game Time, Funnel Fries, And More

One of the best parts of a carnival is indulging in all of the carnival cuisine that isn't necessarily good for you. They will have multiple food stands and even a 48-foot long refrigerated truck to store and prepare all the treats. You can order items such as caramel apples, elephant ears, funnel fries, popcorn, and more. Don't have shame in the cinnamon sugar all over your face, we all ate a elephant ear too!

Some like to say the games are rigged for attendees to lose, and others say they just have the skill and finesse it takes to be successful. Either way many decide to spend their money to play the games and hopefully win a prize. A lot of the time its a romantic gesture or a gesture from a parent to a child, and other times it's to prove to one's self that they have what it takes. Either way, this carnival will have games from the likes of balloon bust, Roller Derby, Frog Bog, Water Race, and more! Try your hand at a few and leave with a prize or two!

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