A 20-year-old man was arrested after creating his own license plate with a grocery bag and a crayon.

According to USAtoday.com Indiana State Police almost called a tow truck for a stranded driver with a flat tire when they made the discovery,

By checking the Toyota Corolla's vehicle identification number, the troopers determined the car's owner had reported it stolen from State College, Pennsylvania, about 400 miles away. The owner had left the car running to keep it warm while he shopped at a  grocery store, the Indiana troopers said in a statement. The car was missing when he returned Thursday.

20-year-old Joshua Anthony Lewis-Brown was on probation for grand larceny and is now charged with felony possessing stolen property and driving without a license.

We scoured the internet in search of a picture of this grocery bag / crayon license plate with no success.  I think we all want to see just how talented this guy was with a box of crayons.


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