WARNING!  This video contains graphic language and images.

Before you watch this video and read this blog I have 3 VERY important things I would like to stress.

  1. There are lots of police out there putting their life's in danger every day for us.  I respect the crap out of those cops.
  2. We don't know the full story.  So you have carefully piece together facts with the video.
  3. If you are my girlfriend...DON'T WATCH THIS.

I'm not posting this story to be sensational.  I'm posting it because it makes me sick and something should be done about this abuse of power.

According to PINAC, while Canadian Police drag a drunk man naked across the drive way, a black dog lies in the front yard wagging his tail.  Then a cop shouts "get a shotgun and take this dog out."

Duke, the black dog, was not close to the group of cops.  In fact, he seemed to not even notice the police dog near by.  He just laid in the yard wagging his tail.

Then an officer walked over and murdered this dog.

One officer claimed that Duke attacked the police K9 while the police were dragging the naked man from his home.  Even if that is true, Duke clearly was no longer a threat.  So, was he murdered out of revenge?  What exactly is happening here?

The drunk man in question is Adam Cote.  He was being arrested for two warrants and is now in the hospital due to injuries he received during the arrest.

We've seen a lot on the news about police abusing their power in America.  Now we know it's not just America.

Clearly, we'll never know what really happened here.  Dragging a half naked man across the drive way may be justified by what happened before the video begins.  Duke may have justified being "taken out" by a shot gun before the video begins.

What do you think?