A YouTube video of a Calhoun County Sheriff's Deputy arresting a black man for no reason leads to his firing.

Friday the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department released a statement regarding the incident that took place in Springfield, Michigan between La'Ron Marshall as he was collecting signatures for a petition and one of their deputies,

We hold ourselves to high standards of professionalism to the communities we protect. When we are right, we are right. When we are wrong, we admit we are wrong. On January 2, we were wrong.

A couple of unmasked officers demanded La'Ron Marshall's ID.  Then threatened to arrest him for 'solicitation without a permit' and 'hindering an investigation.'  This is all happening on the porch of a woman who is video recording the incident.  She is telling the police that Marshall is not bothering her, nor is he committing a crime.  Furthermore, she asks for the officers names and badge numbers.  They refuse to give it to her.  In fact, they rarely acknowledge her through out the video.  The video shows another police cruiser arriving as they arrest Marshall.  Then, they come back to the porch and harass the woman recording video.  You can watch the video uploaded to the newsnow dc youtube page below.

The Calhoun County Sheriff's Department did not identify the deputy but did announce that he was terminated.  They also mentioned that circulating a petition is an action protected by the constitution.

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