Cars are expensive, they take tons of time to save up for, and the minute you start driving them they lose value and the problems seem never to stop. I haven't even mentioned car accidents as the scariest part of driving and owning a vehicle. Accidents can happen to anyone, at any time, on any kind of road. Your personal safety is most important, but no matter the outcome the body of your car will have some damage and it could make it look "ugly."

Granted, ugly is a perception feeling and everyone will have different ideas of what makes something ugly or not. Nonetheless selling a car that has some damage is much harder than selling one that is new or in great condition. As the years went on, someone in society decided that there needed to be an option for these "ugly" cars, and that started the junkyard/scrapyard lifestyle we live in now. It's insanely easy to just sell your "ugly" car to one of these car yards for cash.

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There are tons of places to discard your unwanted car in the Kalamazoo area. We'll focus on the cars that have been damaged and aren't quite in the best condition because most people will sell a good car right? Whether you swerved off the road and landed in a ditch, you lost control and hit a telephone pole, or you've been in a collision with another vehicle these places will take your car.

These businesses for the most part are scrap metal yards and junkyards that dismantle the vehicle and resell the functioning parts to make a profit off the cars. They don't really care how damaged they are, they just want the parts. Let's take a look at a few places in the Kalamazoo area where you can take your butt ugly car.


Kalamazoo alone has tons of places where you can take your old car or find new parts for a car you need to fix. You can receive cash for your car from Morris Rose Auto Parts, Kalamazoo Metal Recyclers, Flowers Automotive Recyclers, and Light Truck Parts. There's a new yard in the city though, and they go by the name "Butt Ugly Cars." They buy Butt Ugly Cars for straight cash!

Battle Creek

In Battle Creek, there aren't as many options as there are in Kalamazoo, but the short drive/tow to Kalamazoo could always be worth it. In Battle Creek, there are only two salvage yards to choose from. If you need cash for your old beat-up car or you need to find parts for a car that needs to be fixed in Battle Creek, Airway Auto Parts and Recycling and Whispering Oaks are your go-to.

There is no lack of places to take your Butt Ugly Car in the Kalamazoo area, so instead of staring at it with your lip sticking out, go sell that car for cash at one of these awesome spots.

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