Quick action from a Burger King employee in Chillicothe, Ohio just put a murder suspect behind bars.

A very aware employee called the cops when James Rinehart Jr. tried to pay for his BK meal with a woman's credit card.  Not just any woman's credit card.  A very recent murder victim's credit card.  They were able to stall the customer/suspect until police arrived.  It turns out, this suspect is in serious trouble according to Cleveland.com,

Rinehart was indicted this week on 16 felony counts ranging from aggravated murder to kidnapping and rape, WCMH Channel 4 reports.

The Gazette reports Rinehart was arrested on Feb. 5, the day after the three victims were found dead at two homes in Londonderry, Ohio.

 Just to get an idea of how hard it was to stall the suspect, he wasn't even in the restaurant.  Since he was making this purchase with a murder victim's credit card in the drive thru, the some how convinced him to come into the restaurant.  Crazy, right?

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