Wolf in Brunswick, Ohio made neighbors howling mad.  But shouldn't the wolf be the angry one here?

Local police were recently called to the home of a pet wolf.  Neighbors complained that the wolf had been howling and barking for the past several hours according to cleveland.com,

The neighbor told police that her wolf, which is kept locked outside in a cage, was howling continuously for approximately 12 minutes prior to the officer’s arrival. The wolf began to howl while the officer was speaking with the neighbor and she was cited for disturbance.

It goes without saying that wolves are wild animals.  This poor thing is locked up in a cage all day.  Of course it's howling for hours.  Apparently, in Ohio it is illegal to own a wolf as long as it's a hybrid (part dog / part wolf.)  Michigan has far more strict laws on wildlife.  The mitten state passed a law in 2000 prohibiting the ownership of wolves hybrid or not (The Hybrid Law.)

The neighbors are rightfully annoyed by the noise.  However, it's easy to understand why the wolf is howling.  The owner of the pet wolf was cited for disturbance.  There's no word on why she has a wolf and if it's a hybrid or not.



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