Anyone else getting an Evil Dead vibe from this listing?

Located at 868 Salek Ln in Bronson, this lakefront property is selling for $200,000 according to the Zillow listing.

Now, maybe it's because the listing's photos were taken during the time of year when all the plant life is dead but, if I were a location scout for a horror movie in Michigan, this would be at the top of my list.

The bleached wood, the dead trees, the unpaved's the perfect horror movie package. But, maybe I'm being unfair.

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Take a tour of the home and see if I'm right:

The Perfect Horror Movie House is Selling for $200,000 in Bronson, MI

All that's missing is Ash and his chainsaw hand:

Jokes aside, if you're interested in this property, you can contact Lucas Howard at Keller Williams Kalamazoo Market Center at 616-426-3120.

If you love creepy things, I've got another listing for you. Check out this home that was recently for sale in Bay City:

There's Something Creepy in Every Room of This $75k Bay City Home

If you need a setting for a new horror movie, look no further.

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