Mattawan High School graduate is pulling in nearly 17 thousand followers with TikToks about being a nanny.

You can find her on TikTok under the name That baddie Bree or @brees.a.dinosaur.  Bree currently has 16.9 thousand followers and 509.1 thousand total video likes. To put that in perspective, the town she lives in only has an estimated 2,601 total residents.  She has over six times more followers than her city has people. 

Her most viewed video shows Bree chillin' in her car for her graduation.  2020 was a rough one for high school graduates, as they couldn't be a part of an actual graduation ceremony in person.  So, 103.3 KFR produced a graduation ceremony of sorts on the radio.  That's the audio she's listening to in the TikTok below that has been viewed 144.9 thousand times.

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Bree is really good at fitting her experiences as a nanny into TikTok trends.  Her second most viewed video is a great example of that as she is using the "It's Corn" sound.  This video has been viewed 74.5 thousand times so far.

In her most recent video, Bree jumps on the current "Microwave Popcorn" sound trend to poke fun at how people confuse her as the mother of the kid that she's a nanny for.

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