Bodies Revealed, which captivated attendees, has returned to the Grand Rapids Public Museum and will be featured until Spring of 2020. It had been nearly a decade since it initially was on display, and because of the overwhelming attendance, they've decided to extend the exhibit. Bodies Revealed is held at the Grand Rapids Public Museum from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. and gives people a look at the human body in a way it very rarely gets seen. Although it may be a little out of the normal person's wheelhouse, I definitely suggest checking this out. Tickets can be purchased here.

This exhibition features real, whole and partial body specimens that have been preserved through an innovative process, giving visitors the opportunity to view the complexity of their own organs and systems like never before.
Bodies Revealed allows people to learn about their own bodies and, ultimately, teach how to take better care of one’s own health and make positive lifestyle choices.

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