A recent post on Kalamazoo's Reddit seems to indicate that Blaze Pizza on Westnedge has shut down for good with blame placed on the economy.

The post, made by u/XbsGreenRamgerX, is a picture of a handwritten note hung on Blaze Pizza's front door:

If you're having trouble making out the words, the note reads,

Notice: This restaurant is no longer open. Rising cost of wages, food, and all supplies has removed what small profit a restaurant can make. This country is in trouble and only a return to conservative values can save it.

If there was any compassion for this owner's plight, it certainly wasn't shown in the comment section of this post.

The very first comment, from u/DLS3141 said, "That’s the place that dropped my pizza twice." And, they continued from there:

Just pull yourself up by your bootstraps - u/RoboticKittenMeow

Thoughts & Prayers - u/georgianlady

Say you're incapable of managing a small business without saying you're incapable of managing a small business. - u/binkerton_

A Reddit user by the name of u/RozellaTriggs claimed that Blaze Pizza received loans from the government over the pandemic to help with costs, saying:

The franchise operators also received plenty of PPP loan money, about $4.9 million, all forgiven. The local franchise is owned by Mariane/Birds and Bells, who is also the owner of multiple KFC and Taco Bell restaurant franchises (rightfully earning the “birds and bells” title).

They also listed their source, Propublica, which tracks companies approved for PPP loans with links to statistics for both Mariane, INC and Birds and Bells, INC.

It's VERY important to note that Mariane, INCBirds and Bells, INC. and the Blaze Pizza on Drake Rd in Kalamazoo are NOT affiliated with the owner or the Portage location that hung the sign from their door. 

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There doesn't seem to be a lot of sadness surrounding this closing. At least, among the local Reddit community. However, it is always disappointing to see a business shut its doors. Especially, when you think of the employees.

You can see all of the comments on the original Reddit post here.

While the Blaze Pizza on Westnedge is now closed for good, there is a secondary Blaze Pizza location on West Main in Kalamazoo. You can find their menu and all Blaze Pizza locations on their website.

Blaze Pizza started in California in 2011. Here's a quick intro explaining what they do:

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