As summer comes along many of us can think of the smells of of the cookouts, more specifically the ribs, hot dogs, hamburgers, bratwurst, corn, and anything else that would be thrown on the grill. Then there was the juice boxes, the popsicles, and ever other form of sugar you can imagine along with sides like mac and cheese, spaghetti, potato salad, baked beans, greens, and more call out to your stomach. The music, jokes, and play time with family wraps it all up.

Kalamazoo has found a new love with soul food as more and more restaurants are opening up to share their version of soul food with their customers. Taking the sounds, vibes, smells, and tastes from the summer cookouts and making them an all year occurrence. We have seen the likes of Chicago Munchies, Ty's Joint, and Cookies already in the city, but now there is some new soul in town.

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Ribs, rib tips, fries, fried chicken, mac and cheese, yams, greens, potato salad, dressing, fried catfish, and gumbo are some of the common things that come to mind when you think of soul food. BigBaby Delights will be serving up some of these favorites and others that were not listed as they have now purchased a storefront space and are starting to see their dreams come true. In recent Facebook post they have shown remodeling progress and have displayed some plans for the immediate future.

As they are preparing for their grand opening they will be having a series of soft openings for customers new and old to come and get a glimpse of some of the grub that will be available to devour once doors officially open. Soft openings will occur between June 11th and June 24th where ribs, rib tips, and fries will be available to purchase at their new location.

If you happen to be driving down Drake Rd anytime soon, keep your eyes peeled as you're approaching or going through the intersection at KL Ave. Across the street from checkers there is a plaza and if you take a look at a few of the signs there are some new ones. They are excited to show off the new signage and get the next chapter of their soul food business running.

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