There are some things in life that just have a hard time being explained. The Bermuda Triangle, Bigfoot, and Aliens are all weird and unknown things we try to solve but just can't. One such thing now exists in Michigan as a natural spring, Big Springs (or Kitch-iti-kipi) frozen over. The photo you see was taken Thursday morning on March 18th, 2021 by David Strasler, and people are scratching their heads as to how something that consistently stays above freezing point has frozen over.

The spring, located in Manistique, MI is baffling residents who have never seen this happen before, as the city pointed out on their Facebook:

For many of us this is the first time we've seen ice on Michigan's biggest fresh water spring - historically the water remains at 45 degree temp all year long, thus never freezing no matter how low the mercury dips. Many theories have been volunteered to explain this rare event such as water inversion, and unusual low water levels. Whatever the reason, Kitch-iti-kipi will always remain the coolest and most surreal natural phenomena in Michigan.

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Many people are having a hard time wrapping their head around this, like John Pistulka who commented:

WOW! How does 45 degree water freeze? I've never seen that before either Dave.

Some people however are showing pictures on Manistique's post that reveal the Spring has partially frozen over before, so it's hard to tell really just how and when this happens, and for what reason. Regardless, it's just another thing that makes Michigan awesome.

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