There are a lot of great restaurants to choose from in Ohio. Especially when the Buckeye State is home to so many foodie cities. But when you want a classic American dish, you want it from a place named the best in the state. One steakhouse in Ohio is voted the best place to find an excellent cut of juicy beef grilled to perfection.

Jeff Ruby's Precinct Facebook
Jeff Ruby's Precinct Facebook

Ohio Steakhouse Is Named The Best In The State

Five cities in Ohio were recently named the 'Best Foodie Cities' in the U.S. The winners are Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, and Akron. And now one of those cities is home to the 'Best Steakhouse' in the state. Cincinnati's The Precinct was recently added to The Daily Meal's list of The Best Steakhouses In Every State. And it's not just the food that landed The Precinct among the best, but the overall dining experience as well:

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Servers are extremely attentive, the décor is excessive, and the steaks are brilliant. USDA Prime beef and wagyu are the only beef options on the menu. The former is available in seven different cuts, the latter two. All are handled by experienced staff, so while you may come for the show, you'll stay for the food.


The Precinct isn't just serving up delicious, juicy steaks. Other mouth-watering favorites on the menu include Pork Belly Skewers as an appetizer, Miso Glazed Cod for a different entree choice, and a slice of Chocolate Espresso Cake for dessert. And don't forget the wine and hand-crafted cocktails.

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