I know how hard it is to break out of this shell of feeling cooped up. Ever since the pandemic started, it's been way too easy for those struggling with depression and/or anxiety to not go out and do anything. But we have to remember that even though we want to stay safe, there are still plenty of places to get out in the open throughout the Kalamazoo area and feel like things aren't as bad.  Someone on reddit posted a question asking where some great picnic spots are.

I love this idea. Picnicking is a great way to get out and enjoy the great weather and not feel sheltered. If we wait too long it'll be winter then we REALLY won't have anywhere outside to hang out. According to the post, these are some of the top spots in the area to enjoy an afternoon:

Great Picnic Spots Near Kalamazoo

There are also other parks not listed on the post that have gotten a lot of love on Yelp, Like Milham Park. One resident said:

Of all the parks I experienced during the last weeks in Kalamazoo, Milham Park was my favorite. At 49 acres, it is one of the larger parks and it is bisected by Portage Creek. This means that there are three bridges over the creek and they're beyond lovely.

Maybe you can add to this list by doing a simple look around. Happy picnicking.

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