One day in the distant past someone decide to make bite-size cakes and called them cupcakes, nowadays we have a national day devoted to the wonderful dessert's history and to indulge in the delicious snack which is Thursday, December 15.

Places like grocery stores, bakeries, donut shops, and other dessert-based businesses are known for making some of the best cupcakes. We have no shortage of these businesses in the Kalamazoo area, but which ones are the best ones?

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 Blessed Bakeries

Bakeries are known for all of your baking needs, whether it be bread, cookies, wedding cakes, and of course cupcakes. There's nothing quite like a treat from the bakery, but which ones in the Kalamazoo area have the best cupcakes?

The Victorian, Boonzaaijer's, Bert's and Sarkozy's are your best cupcake options here in Kalamazoo, as they have great mixes of flavors, moisture, consistency, and efficiency with their cupcakes. Other bakeries in the area include Renzema's in Parchment and Continental in Battle Creek.

Glorious Grocery Stores

I know I know, it's like the easy way out but that doesn't mean they don't still taste good. Now the grocery store gives you quite a few options when it comes to cupcakes, but all of them will fulfill your national cupcake day needs.

Of course, you can walk down the snack aisle and can grab a box of the hostess cupcakes or even get a few boxes of the factory-made cupcakes/mini cupcakes and call it a day. Or you can go to your local Meijer, Walmart, Kroger, and other grocery stores and find the bakery. Now that you're there ask for an order of whatever kind of cupcakes you like and enjoy.

Luxurious Local Eats

When it comes to finding a good dessert to enjoy, local dessert businesses may be the best option you have. There are some great bakers here in the Kalamazoo area that may or may not have a brick-and-mortar location but still deliver the same quality of services.

Huey D's, Layla's Cool Pops, Love Muffins, Sweet T's Cakes & Confessions are located in Kalamazoo while Battle creek and the surrounding areas are home to JJ's Sweet Treats, Simply Sensational Berries, Kay's Cupcakes, Sweet Incantation, Sweet Bees, and more.

The Kalamazoo area is more than prepared to enjoy the national "holiday" surrounding cupcakes, whether you decide to go with a well-established bakery, a local shop that may not have a storefront, or grab something from the grocery store, it doesn't matter just enjoy them because cupcakes are cupcakes.

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