While there are plenty of trendy and new restaurants to try all over Michigan, there's something special about a place that's been around for a while. Restaurants that have been serving their classic menu items to generations of diners. And one Michigan spot was recently named one of the best historic restaurants to dine at in America.


Michigan Spot Named One Of America's Best Historic Restaurants

Food & Wine put together a list of America's best classic restaurants and this one has been serving the same staple menu items for centuries because they are just that good.

Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth, MI lands on the list for its world-famous chicken dinners that have kept people coming back for over 100 years. Food & Wine says:

Michigan's Little Bavaria has a lot to do with one thing: fried chicken, the star of generous family-style dinners, which around the middle of the 20th century began drawing travelers from the nearby cities and Detroit, all still at or near their economic peak.


Another famous menu item is their simple yet flavorful buttered noodles.

You can also indulge in authentic German dishes such as Schnitzel and Sauerbraten, and steak and seafood options. There are plenty of decadent desserts to end the meal like the German chocolate brownie, Baked Alaska, or Blueberry strudel with a scoop of their housemade ice cream.

Visit The Bavarian Inn for its charming atmosphere, delicious cuisine, and rich history in one of Michigan and America's best historic restaurants.

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