Having clean clothes is extremely important in life, whether you hand wash, have a washer and dryer at home, or make trips to the laundromat, you do something to have clean clothes. I know that there is a handful of them around town simply from just living here for so long and driving past them so often. I'm aware of laundromats on every side of the city including downtown, except for the north side. I might be crazy, but I don't think the north side of Kalamazoo has a laundromat.

I personally have never used a laundromat, the closest I've gotten so far in life is communal laundry services in college and whew, let me tell you... 0/10, I do not recommend it. Most people leave their clothes longer than the cycle takes, they're never maintained well, and so many more problems but on another note, there are people looking for places to wash their clothes.

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A post on Reddit by a user(KzooBeerGirl), which you can see below, asks Kalamazoo residents for help in finding the cleanest laundromats in the Kalamazoo area. The original poster was not looking to wash her and possibly her family's clothing but instead to wash the comforter for her California King Bed. Nonetheless, the answers poured in.

Laundromat Love

Most of the answers that came up were from local laundromats that I'm used to riding by multiple times but never having to stop in and use them. The most common answer was the Finish line Laundry on Gull road, along with Stadium Discount Coin Laundry on Stadium Drive, Cork Street Laundry,  and even the Ye Old Central Laundromat on Wednestnedge in the downtown area came up. There was also a laundromat from Vicksburg that wasn't mentioned by name but was given a good, clean rep.

Private Paris

Paris Cleaners was the only dry cleaner to come up on the list but was given a great rep by the people. Their only complaint was that the attendant who was at the desk that day wasn't the most helpful but it was the cleanest and least busy. They also use a reloadable card system to pay for their machines and services which seems to become the industry standard.

Did they forget to mention the one that you think is the best? Are there any other Laundromats in the Kalamazoo area worth washing your things at?

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