When the pandemic first hit, to avoid exposure, stores shut down the can and bottle returns, which meant many people were stock piling bags of returns waiting for them to become available again. But now there are a lot of people who are experiencing issues with those returns. I myself am one of them. I'm not gonna say which one I went to, but I'm telling you it was a pain in the butt to get it to accept cans that have a MI 10 cent deposit. It's 2021, why can't stores just accept all deposit cans already?

On reddit recently some one asked the community which was the best can and bottle return they've experienced and quite a few people chimed in to offer their opinion and experiences:

Does Anyone Have a Good Alternative?

Oh man, I hardcore feel your pain. Harding's stores aren't bad, but they are strict on the $25 limit and close their machines for the day once they're full. Meijer on Gull rd is usually pretty painless. Usually. - Rocket_AG-

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I know you said stores besides Meijer, but when I went to the 1[sic] on Westnedge the other day it was working. Walmart’s machines are definitely crap. The last time I took pop bottles there I had to go to 3 different machines to get 1 that would actually take bottles. - AmeliaKay_-


I haven’t used them yet, but Midtown Fresh has at least one and I don’t think it’s closed. Furthermore, every time I’m there they aren’t busy. But I don’t have firsthand evidence that they’re fully operational. Maybe someone can confirm. -Eric33190-

What about you? If you know of a good one please share with us.

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