Starting off the day with scrambled eggs, sauteed veggies, bacon, and cheese all wrapped up in a warm tortilla sounds absolutely delightful. But, where can you find the best breakfast burritos in Kalamazoo?

It was a question posed recently on Kalamazoo's Reddit thread by someone with the user name Justinynolds. Their caption read,

Anyone know where to get a good breakfast burrito? Whether it's a taco truck, sit down place, or drive-thru, I don't care - give me what you got!

With over 50 recommendations the original poster will have plenty to choose from.

However, let's streamline that number down to the top 8 most recommended spots in Kalamazoo to grab a great breakfast burrito:

1. La Familia Cafe

La Familia Cafe always seems to be listed as a suggestion for great food in general. But, this recommendation came from u/Individual-Yard8378 who said,

La familia, downtown. Best food ever, amazing quality. Steak breakfast burrito is delicious and big enough to share.

Glancing at their menu, La Familia doesn't just offer breakfast burritos. In fact, they have breakfast tacos, breakfast quesadillas, and a breakfast gordita. See their full menu here.

2. Cairo's Kitchen

Cairo's Kitchen, one of downtown Kalamazoo's newer additions, has already gained a large fanbase. This is why Reddit user TiffkaKitka wrote,

Cairos kitchen has one of the best breakfast burritos I've ever had

Cairo's Kitchen offers an omelette stuffed with ground beef, green onion, a house-made cheese blend and a special garlic sauce wrapped in a warm tortilla. Sounds delish. See their full menu and their incredible story of how they got to Kalamazoo here.

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3. Nina's Cafe 

This suggestion comes from Reddit user andobajando who said,

Nina's Cafe has a great chorizo breakfast burrito.

Specifically, this person may be referring to the Breakfast Wet Burrito which consists of scrambled eggs, green pepper, onions, chorizo sausage, hashbrowns, wrapped in a flour tortilla, smothered in homemade sausage gravy. Anytime the word 'smothered' is know it's going to be delicious.

You can see Nina's Cafe's full menu here. As well, if you like something a little sweet in the morning, their Diablo, which is half hot chocolate and half coffee, is scrumptious.

4. Crow's Nest

Crow's Nest was recommended by u/halostar and echoed by several others. Located in the Vine neighborhood, this place seems to be constantly packed. They feature specials, like the above-pictured Breakfast BLT Burrito, but also have other menu items to satisfy that breakfast craving. Their regular breakfast burrito consists of scrambled egg, chorizo or veggie sausage, black bean, avocado, bell pepper, cheddar cheese, and a red pepper aioli wrapped in a flour tortilla.

See their full menu here.

5. The Original Maggie's Cafe and Catering 

Located next to the Secretary of State's Office on Stadium Drive in Kalamazoo, this recommendation came from u/swirling-archer who wrote, in part,

Are we just not gonna talk about Maggie’s? They have good burritos at a good price and usually pretty fast too.

Indeed, Maggies offers a breakfast burrito complete with salsa and sour cream. You'll also find poutine, a breakfast stew, pancakes, and more. You can see their complete menu here.

Hopefully, this will help you find your perfect breakfast burrito the next time that craving strikes.

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