There are so many incredible places in Illinois to grab breakfast. But when looking for a chewy yet crispy fresh baked Chicago-style bagel, you won't find it at your local diner or grocery store. The best bagel shop in Illinois is now one of the best in the U.S.

Tiny Eatery In Illinois Is The Best Bagel Shop In The U.S.

The chain bagel brands don't compare to a local shop in Illinois that specializes in making one of our favorite breakfast staples daily. And The Tasting Table agrees as they've compiled a list of the best bagel shop in every state in America.

Tilly Bagel Shop in Chicago, Illinois topped the list as one of the best bagel shops in the nation to get a one-of-a-kind sourdough, Chicago-style bagel and cream cheese. According to The Tasting Table, its variety of flavors helps set this shop apart from all the others in the Windy City:

Adventurous eaters should try the French onion bagel with Monterey jack cheese, onion salt, and an onion bagel base. Overall, the bagels are crunchy, perfectly baked, and aching to be enjoyed with a house-blend hot coffee or trendy matcha latte.


Some of their mouthwatering bagel sandwiches include the "Lox" and the "Crispy Potato" with hash browns, scallions, crispy onions, salsa verde, and the option to add chorizo.

And there's a bagel flavor for whatever mood you're in from sweet to savory to spicy. If you're not in the South Loop, it's worth a trip to try one of the best bagel shops in America.

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