I don't know why I get so worked up about the price of gasoline, but I do. Oh, yes, I do.

First, the news earlier this week that Governor Whitmer wants to triple the gasoline tax, raising it about 45 cents per gallon. Then, this morning USA Today greeted me with a headline about kissing $2 gas goodbye. Thanks.

Yes, I understand, refineries have to switch over to summer blends. And yes, of course, you and I should pick up the tab for that.

I guess I would like an even playing field and maybe some rules that everybody has to play by, but that's isn't happening soon, is it?

I get that we need to stop burning oil and polluting the environment. I'd love to drive an electric car. But who can afford $40,000 plus for a car? (And by the way, the segment of the population that believes most in that, is the same segment  that's paying off student loans until they're almost forty). And even you and I did drive electric cars, there hardly any charging infrastructure in this country. Yes, you can charge in Kalamazoo, but if you're low on charge driving UpNorth, you're SOL, huh?

I get that we need to fix our roads, but why can't you (the state government) do me a solid and make auto insurance not insanely expensive.

It all feels like just as we approach the carrot, they move it back even further.

Thanks for letting me vent.


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