What's the slogan on the Welcome To Michigan signs? "Great Lakes, Great Times, Crappy Roads".

Newly sworn in governor Gretchen Whitmer wants to fix our roads, but she knows you have to pay for it somehow. So reports are she wants to almost triple the state's gasoline taxes over the next couple of years. And if she really can fix the roads, great.

But every politician and his brother and sister has been saying they want to do something about what we Michiganders pay for out auto insurance. Our rates our about the highest in the country and we know why. It's a law that was put on the books about the time I moved here in the late 80's. If I remember correctly, they called it the "catastrophic fund". Well, whomever gave it that name was right. It has been catastrophic to about anybody who has had car insurance in Michigan, in the past three decades.

So while fixing the roads is a noble cause, Gov. Fixing the astronomical amount of money we pay for car insurance may even be nobler. This might be a great example for the rest of the country. Working together. A lesson first taught in pre-school. Time to put it to good use.


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