This pallet was recycled, made into a wedding program and broken.  Here is an easy way to fix a broken pallet board.

I entered my wedding program pallet into Pallet Palooza and I had so much fun doing it.  I am the maid of honor in my best friend's wedding in September so I decided to make a stand-up wedding program out of my recycled pallet that I got for free from Goodwill.

I didn't win money or any of the prizes they were giving out because there were so many AWESOME signs and home decor ideas that blew mine out of the water.  However, I did receive an honorable mention award and free entry into next year's contest.  I had such a good time making it that I didn't care if I won anything or not.

I've been told that I have the worst luck and it was proven when Pallet Palooza was over and mine was missing.  Denise, who works with Goodwill and runs Pallet Palooza called me to apologize and to tell me that every Goodwill branch was looking for it and wouldn't stop until they found it.  She even posted pictures of my pallet at each branch so everyone knew what to look for.

I can't thank her enough for all of the hard work she's done with the event and trying to find my missing pallet.  She called me when they found it so I went to the Goodwill on Alcott in Kalamazoo and she took me on a tour of the place before reuniting me with my creation.

Denise even offered to pay for the tools and paint I would need to repair it and have it ready for the wedding in September.  I said, "I got this" and was determined to fix it on my own with my own tools and paint...probably because I'm stubborn and this post wouldn't have been possible :P