My first question: Why don't we have something like this for Kalamazoo? My second question: Can we get one?!

Have you ever found yourself in need of a decent Happy Hour, but weren't sure where to turn? It's something that has happened to many of us, no doubt. Whether you were looking to go out with a group of friends or were just trying to find some cheap drinks for yourself, it can be a chore to scour various websites and Facebook pages in search of the best deals. Thankfully, one west Michigan website has taken care of that!

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The website was founded by friends Tyler, Megan, and Daniel and is seriously your one-stop-resource when it comes to happy hours across Grand Rapids. The three friends said that while living in Portland, OR,

...they made great use of a handful of Happy Hour and daily specials themed websites as a way to explore the many incredible bars that the city had to offer.  Upon moving back to Grand Rapids they noticed a glaring lack of such sites available to local consumers, and thus the idea for Beer O’Clock GR was formed.

With the love of good Happy Hour in mind, the three friends developed the website to highlight fantastic deals and Happy Hour specials across the city of Grand Rapids. Simply head to and the site will tell you in real-time how many bars have happy hour, the names of said bars, and what the specials are. Does it get any easier?!

I'm curious though, why is this website specific to Grand Rapids? Kalamazoo needs something like this!

Kzoo locals love to make a case for our town to be considered "Beer City USA" just like Grand Rapids. There are certainly enough local breweries around to justify our case like Bell's, Final Gravity, and Presidential Brewing, just to name a few. We've also got great haunts like Shakespeare's Pub and Old Dog Tavern, so why can't we get our own Happy Hour website? I personally would love to see something like Beer O'Clock come to Kalamazoo!

Where are your favorite local Happy Hours in town?

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