Maybe it's just because I wish I hope to see one in person, but whenever I'm driving on a highway near a heavily wooded area, I always glance over into the woods on the off chance I might actually get to see a wild bear. Now, we don't get any action like that near Kalamazoo, but Grand Rapids have seen there fair share of bear incidents. Well imagine waking up to seeing one of these things in your back yard. Apparently, it happens quite often up north. I don't think that's something I could get used to.

A woman in Traverse City woke up and captured a mama bear having some fun and helping herself to some free bird seed on May 6th:

Woke up to this [bear] this morning about 5:50am and we were luckily sleeping with the blinds open because we had a few visitors. (Make sure you watch the video of Cubs in the tree). Thank goodness we saw them before letting the boys out. With the Cubs cubs in the tree, mom stayed around for at least an hour before they came down and all ran away! That Mama bear! She tears down our feeder every year but to see this made up for it.

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Now as cute as these pictures and videos are, I probably don't need to remind you that these are wild animals, and especially if her cubs are around, they will turn to violence to protect what's there's. Luckily from a safe distance, it's a pretty neat thing to have come into your morning.

I made it through that entire thing without dropping any terrible bear puns. #wipesbrow

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