The stomach flu is is alive and well in Korea.

Even though the opening ceremony for the 2018 Winter Olympic games is tomorrow, the games have already began in Korea...along with the flu. is reporting that...

With just one day to go until the opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics in South Korea’s Pyeongchang, 128 people have fallen ill from an outbreak of novovirus, mainly security staff and other workers, according to the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. None of the more than 2,900 athletes taking part in the games have fallen ill so far.

Fingers crossed none of the competitors fall ill to this AWFUL virus. Just imagine, training your whole life to go to the Olympics and a stupid stomach flu keeps you out of the games?!?

As always though, the games will go on!

Tonight fans will have to the chance to catch skating (@ 8:00 pm) on NBC. According to the web-site this is what they are reporting...

Figure Skating fans don’t have to wait for the Olympics Opening Ceremony. Tune in a day early for:

  • Figure Skating: Men’s Single Short Program and Pairs Short Program
  • Freestyle Skiing: Women’s and Men’s Moguls Qualification

Now tomorrow is a different story. When you flip on NBC at 8:00 pm you wont see any competition but passionate athlete's entering the stadium for the games! Yes, Opening Ceremonies! The opening ceremonies are filled with hope and great talent, which is always a thrill to witness. Plus, I always seem to learn so much about the host country.

Here is the schedule for the rest of the weekend...

Saturday, Feb. 10

  • Figure Skating: Ice Dance Short Dance and Women’s Single Short Program
  • Alpine Skiing: Men’s Downhill

Sunday, Feb. 11

  • Figure Skating: Team Events for Single Free Skating and Ice Dance Free Dance
  • Alpine Skiing: Women’s Giant Slalom
  • Snowboarding: Women’s Slopestyle Final
  • Luge: Men’s Singles Final Runs
  • Freestyle Skiing: Women’s Moguls Final
I guarantee that I will be snuggled up on the sofa enjoying every moment of the historical games (and hopefully not suffering from the flu).



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