Battle Creek is known around the world as 'Cereal City' because it's home to the headquarters of the Kellogg's Company. But it was almost known as 'Cedar Point' city as well. Home to an amusement park that was supposed to be the biggest thing since Kellogg invented the corn flake.

Where Would Cedar Point Have Been Built In Battle Creek?

According to The Battle Creek Enquirer, Cedar Point and the City of Battle Creek entered into an agreement to build an amusement park on 760 acres of land in August of 1976. The plan was to build the park on Fort Custer property on Evergreen Road. Also according to the news outlet, the amusement park would have included The Corkscrew, water rides, merry-go-rounds, a kiddie land and a midway with 60 Skee-Ball games and 258 arcade games.

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Why Did Cedar Point Not Build An Amusement Park in Battle Creek?

Battle Creek began to prepare for the opening of the park with job interviews being held at Albion College, Kellogg Community College and Western Michigan University, seeking seasonal employees as well as “singers, dancers, jugglers, magicians, clowns, acrobats and ventriloquists.” The park was set to open on Memorial Day in 1978 with an expected crowd of over 1 million people. However, despite the initial excitement, the plan fell through.

Cedar Point decided that rather than build a second park, they would continue to invest in their amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio. The decision proved to be successful as Cedar Point continues to attract millions of thrill-seekers each year.

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