Sometimes the way people park makes no sense.  

Yesterday afternoon I stopped in at Meijer to do my weekly grocery shopping. I picked a parking spot far of in the distance (I never mind walking). When I came out of the store this monster of a truck was parked WAY to close. In fact, in order to get into my car, I had to crawl across the front seat. If I had tried to open the drivers side door I would of put a ding in this persons truck. As you can see there are plenty of other places to park, and why so close to me?

I did my research and found that there are etiquette rules to parking! Here are a few rules that has put into play in our parking lots.

  1. Do not park unevenly
  2. Do not block someone’s trunk or tailgate
  3. Do not park too close to someone
  4. Do not park across multiple spots
  5. Do not toss gum on the ground

So I did something I never thought I would do. I wrote a note and put it on the drivers side window. I am not sure it made any difference to the person who invaded my space, but I was angry and it made me feel better. Come on, I was wearing a dress, and let me tell you, watching me crawl across the car was not pretty.

My Note

Heather McGregor/TSM
Heather McGregor/TSM

Do not block someone’s trunk or tailgate

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