Obviously, I can't remember when I was born, but I do hear the stories from my family. The trip to the hospital, who all was there, how late I was (grandma still gives me grief about that one, since she had to fly back home). But for the most part, it was pretty standard, in a run-of-the-mill hospital. I couldn't even tell you the name of the hospital.

BUT, for this kid born in Livingston County, Michigan this past week, there's no chance he'll ever forget where he was born, right down to the parking spot it happened in.

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Green Oak Township Fire Department confirmed they helped deliver a baby in the Brighton-area Costco Wholesale parking lot on Saturday, March 25th.

"The fire department and Livingston County EMS arrived around 1:30 p.m. to the baby being born and assisted with delivery, officials said, adding there were no complications during delivery." - per MLive

In fact, having the baby in a Costco parking lot was DEFINITELY not the plan. The parents were on their way to the hospital, when they made the crucial call to pull over.

"Delivery was imminent."

After the baby's birth, they, and the mother were transported by ambulance to the hospital for observation.

"This is an unusual situation, but we're just glad mom and baby were doing well and we got them to the hospital." - Green Oak Fire Deputy Chief Tracy Chamberlain

So congratulations to the family, and their new bundle of joy, and we're glad the craziest aspect of this story is, it happened at a Costco.

That kid better get a free membership for life.

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