The last thing a parent should worry about is if the school's cafeteria food is rotten, but some parents in Allegan, Michigan, have some concerns.

When I was in school, there were certainly better lunch days than others but one thing I never worried about was if the food was rotten.

An Allegan High School student mentioned to her mom that some of the food in the school cafeteria was moldy.

Fox 17 reported that Heather Hitchcock said, "last week when I created this post, she had sent me another carrot picture. And then just a couple of days later she had a pear that looked like it had been kind of bitten into or maybe just kind of chipped or bruised along the way like there was a chunk of skin missing out of it. I guess it all happened fast because I wasn't expecting it to get this much attention."   

Hitchcock made a social media post showing the photo of the carrots and a lot of parents took notice. Some parents commented saying this is a problem all year long.

Hitchcock then reached out to the Allegan High School principal, the superintendent, and then the schools' food administrator where she got some sort of an answer. What seems to be the excuse for everything these chain issues.

You know, it wasn't the supply chain that put the food out for the kids to eat, those were school employees just to be clear. I would notice rotten carrots at my table, wouldn't you?

The school superintendent James Antoine did confirm to FOX 17 in an email saying global supply chain issues are impacting the district and they sometimes receive food that's already gone bad.

Hitchcock did take the time to make a suggestion for the school to post signs that would instruct students what to do when they find moldy food in the cafeteria.

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