Many families in Ohio keep juice in their refrigerator as a healthy drink choice. However recent studies show that some juice choices may do more harm than good. This has led to a recent recall of a popular juice brand that has been expanded to include Ohio grocery stores.


Highly Toxic Juice Recall Expands To Ohio Grocery Stores

According to a report from the FDA, a voluntary recall from a popular juice brand has been expanded to include more locations and possible stores. The recall has been issued to retailers that carry one-liter bottles of Martinelli’s Apple Juice. The product is being recalled after samples of one single lot of the juice tested above the FDA guidance level for inorganic arsenic. According to the FDA, exposure to elevated levels of inorganic arsenic can pose health hazards to people including cancer, birth defects, diabetes, and heart issues.

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The expanded recall shows a better scope of how many locations are affected by the recall including Ohio. The following Martinelli's apple juice has been voluntarily recalled:

  • 1-liter (33.8-ounce) bottles with a best by date of March 9, 202,6 or March 10, 2026. It was sent to stores from March 13, 20,23 and Sept. 27, 2023, with most of it shipped before July 28, 2023.

The juice was sold at Kroger, Target, and Whole Foods stores. According to the statement from Martinelli's, no illness or complaints related to this product code have been reported to date, and no other production dates or Martinelli products are affected by this recall. Consumers with questions can call Martinelli’s at 1-800-662-1868.

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