It happens to the best of us. You're cruising down the highway, obeying every Michigan traffic law except the speed limit, and then you look over and see a hideous sight.

An Ohio license plate. Its weird, red triangle may as well be a harbinger of doom to all who dare share the road with it.

You likely let out a groan and keep an extra eye on the driver who clearly has no idea what they are doing because they live in such a state as Ohio and have willingly chosen to enter enemy territory.

There must be something you can do in this situation. Anything to at the very least alleviate the headache, stress and anxiety of sharing the road with such an ignoramus Buckeye on your cherished-if-not-damned Michigan roads.

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Of course, we can't promote road rage - and you wouldn't succumb to such treachery in the first place. Michigan, believe it or not, has one of the lowest road rage percentages in the entire country. Ohio, though, is top 10 - all according to a Forbes study. Those Neanderthals want you to lash out so they can retaliate.

Should you just pass them and go on about your day? Well, you could, but odds are they're streaking down the road faster than you anyway. According to PartsGeek data, Ohio drivers get the most speeding tickets per year in the nation. Us Michigan drivers are one of the least penalized drivers - so there's no sense in drawing the attention of a Michigan State Trooper when that speedy Ohio nutjob is going to do it themselves.

I guess that really only leaves one option - just keep an eye on them. Despite Ohio drivers being a bit more reckless statistically, the two states are actually similar in the number of car accidents they're involved in according to a study by Zebra, with Michigan actually averaging a tad worse.

Whether that's because Ohio folks are coming up here to get in accidents with us to inflate our numbers is a conspiracy for another day.

In all seriousness, the best thing for you to do if you see an Ohio tag on the road - or any other state, for that matter - is give them space. Roll your eyes at 'em or give 'em a thumbs down if you must, but don't give them a reason to turn I-75 or I-94 into a Mad Max scene.

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