We're almost a month away from that special time of year where Santa Claus travels the world, rushing down chimneys, stuffing presents under the tree and going in on one of his favorite parts of the job. milk and cookies. Now don't get me wrong, I love me some milk and cookies but Santa must have some kind of incredible Non-Diabetical powers we just haven't heard of. I guess since he is magical he's been able to avoid major health problems over the years of filling up on milk & cookies.

But that's a tradition that's long been in place to thank him for hooking us up as kids... but what about the parents? They've gotta' have some kind of say in this too. I wondered what would happen if Santa rushed down the chimney and took to the table only to find, not milk and cookies, but something else completely. Maybe something a little more adult oriented. We're not trying to spoil Santa's good name, but the people of Kalamazoo have spoken: they want Santa messes up when he delivers toys.

In lieu of milk and cookies, I asked our listeners what they'd leave out for Santa. Among all the comments of beer, joints, and other types of booze, here's some of my favorites they responded with:

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Instead of milk and cookies, what would adults leave out for santa?

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