You never know what you will find outside at my apartment complex...

Last Saturday morning I found a bike next to the garbage dumpster.

This Saturday morning as I was pulling out to run errands, I found this little gem on the street in front of my homestead...a shopping cart. The nearest grocery store is about 2 miles away...don't think the cart made it to my place on its own.

Those shopping carts are pricey too. Each cart costs anywhere from $75 dollars to $300 depending on the style and model of the cart.

According to the shopping cart was invented by a man named Sylan Goldman of Oklahoma. Mr. Goldman owned the chain grocery store Humpty Dumpty; Sylan wanted to find a away that patrons of the store could gather more items. So in 1937 he created the first shopping cart. Sylan too a wooden folding chair and attached wheels to it. A couple of days later he spoke with an employee who was an engineer and history was made (or shall I say the chart was invented).

At first the cart was not a huge hit. Men felt the cart was effeminate and woman found the cart suggestive of a baby carriage. Yet, even with those ideas, the cart became a staple of American shopping.

I checked to see what store the cart was from, but their no logos on it. She maybe lost forever...


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