This was someone's treasure, but it was stolen and became someone else's trash.

Early Saturday morning (7ish) I was walking my dog Olive, and found this bike next to the dumpster behind my apartment.

It got me thinking about stealing. At some point this bike was something that a person loved. Maybe it was a birthday gift, Christmas present, or something that a person saved for. At some point, the bike was taken from them.

The person who took the bike, obviously didn't care for it too much because I can only imagine they took it, rode it, then left it by the dumpster.

I think this is just mean....

  • Someone loved it.
  • Someone who did not love it, took the bike.
  • The person who stole it, through it away.

Boo to the meanie who took the bike and tossed it away.

OR, I am completely off and the owner forgot where they lived, and abandon, the bike and took the rest of the way on foot.


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