Ann Arbor is taking steps to ensure that animals are acquired humanely.

As reported by, lawmakers have introduced an ordinance that, if passed, would no longer allow the sale of animals at pet stores. Those animals include:

  • cats
  • dogs
  • rabbits
  • large reptiles
  • long-life birds

How Many Stores Are Currently Selling Pets?

In Ann Arbor? None. This ordinance would mostly ensure that future pet stores would not be able to sell animals.

This small but significant step is part of a larger issue: large-scale commercial breeding facilities. Also known as mills.

The conditions in puppy mills, for example, are often dismal. Animals are kept in cramped conditions that are often unsanitary. There's a lack of veterinary care, too, which means the puppies can have serious health issues that may not be discovered until after a family has purchased them and brought them home.

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According to, 10,000 puppy mills are currently active in the United States with 2.6 million puppies being sold that have originated from puppy mills.

Has the Ordinance Passed?

Not yet. However, after unanimous approval from the City Council, I doubt it'll meet much resistance when it goes for final approval on June 20th.

If/when it does pass, Ann Arbor will join at least two other cities (that I could find) that have also banned the sale of animals originating from puppy mills. That includes Royal Oak, which passed its ban in 2019, and Eastpoint, which also passed a ban in 2019.

Currently, animal shelters across the country are struggling to find animals their new homes as adoption rates continue to be low.

Should you be considering bringing a new animal into your home, please know that we have many shelters in the SW Michigan area that are filled with animals that need a good home.

The SPCA of SW Michigan, for example, has at least 5 dogs that have been in their care for over a year:

5 Dogs That Have Been at the SPCA of SW Michigan for 1 to 3 Years

These dogs are kind, caring, and cuddly. And, yet, they've been unable to find a home for years. Let's change that today.

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