A woman took fast food rage to an all new level in Mishawaka, Indiana Monday.

The number of stories we've reported from Michigan, Indiana and Ohio about customers attacking fast food employees is absolutely bonkers.  Does someone really have to tell you that this is not how you treat others or how grown ups behave in public?  The incident that happened just across the Michigan state line near the University Park Mall in Mishawaka Monday, maybe the worst one yet according to ABC 57,

A customer who was refused a refund assaulted a Wendy's employee inside the restaurant and hit another employee with her car as she left the parking lot, according to Mishawaka Police.

Wendy's staff told law enforcement that the suspect ordered food in the drive thru and left with her food only to show up again later demanding a refund.  They refused to give her a refund which resulted in the suspect allegedly throwing her food at the employee followed by assaulting  the employee with the plexiglass barrier.  The incident escalated as the suspect allegedly hit another Wendy's employee while speeding out of the drive thru.

Both employees where hospitalized for their injuries.  Police are still looking for the suspect who was driving a maroon car.  No other details were released about the suspects identity.  I'm no Columbo but I'm assuming Wendy's has drive thru cameras.  Not to mention, if the customer paid with a credit card she shouldn't be too hard to find.  However, if you have any information on this very unavoidable incident please call the Mishawaka police at 574-258-1684.

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